The entire album is purebred dance/pop/rock, the climax of a blissful orgy between mature (and memorable) lyrics, chunky guitars, punching drums, and creamy-smooth vocals. Multi-part harmonies back Fly’s distinctive and strong voice as it glides with conviction over well-chosen words inside songs that actually say something.

The Rocket Magazine

A radio-friendly winner for many formats.

The Gavin Report

…a multiformat breakthrough.

Billboard Magazine

His Boy Elroy stays above the robotic fray by infusing accessible lyric lines and engaging hooks.

Entertainment Today

…a futuristic vibe making it more 21 st Century than 90’s.

The Hard Report

…going to be a shaker and mover here. Too many good phones on it.

KSKE Radio, Denver

…sweet Philly-ish soul and ingenious retro white pop, never sounding too techno or overly sampled.

The Gavin Report

…powerful bass lines and energetic dance rhythms

The Network Forty

Combining a fine sense of songcraft with some way-out arranging, HBE churns out numerous styles from Top 40 to alternative rock. HBE has an innate flare for it all.

The Sun-Sentinel
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